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We have 78 Personalised Rucksacks to show in this section.


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Personalised Rucksacks
Personalised Rucksacks or Personalised Backpacks are a great way to display you company logo or brand. They can be versatile and come in an array of styles and qualities. Rucksacks are traditionally designed to be worn over both shoulders, spreading the weight and allowing heavier loads to be carried. Below are examples of how rucksacks can be used, this shows the value of choosing a rucksack to promote your company details on. In many countries, rucksacks are commonly associated with students and are a key way of transporting educational materials to and from school. In this context they are sometimes known as school bags or book bags. Typical school rucksacks include a few pockets in addition to the main compartment of the bag. While usually very simple in design, school rucksacks are often made with padded straps and backs. Sometimes safety features such as reflective panels to make the wearer of the pack more visible at night and ergonomic features such as padded straps and waist straps to distribute weight across the body are added to these rucksacks. It is very common for schools (especially colleges and universities) to sell rucksacks decorated with the school logo. Rucksacks are often worn as fashion accessories, in which they perform the same function as a handbag. Some such rucksacks designed specifically for women are no larger than a typical purse, and are generally associated with younger, often college-age women. Some rucksacks are designed to carry specific items. Common examples include rucksacks for small, high-value items such as laptop computers and cameras; rucksacks designed to hold laptop computers in particular generally have a padded compartment to hold the computer and medium sized pockets and flaps to accommodate accessories such as charger cables and cordless/corded mice. These are especially common in college, university settings and are very popular in a business background. It is also possible to buy ‘picnic basket’ rucksacks that come with plastic dishes and utensils etc. There are also single-strap bags that are essentially a hybrid between a rucksack and a shoulder bag known as one strap bags or city bags. Inexpensive, drawstring bags or premium rucksacks are commonly sold for promotional campaigns such as sporting events etc... and are available in a huge assortment of colours. Some rucksacks have wheels and an extending handle allowing heavy or larger items to be carried with ease. Because of their design, these types of rucksacks will reduce the strain on one’s back as they are often more ergonomic than standard rucksacks. These are very useful at places such as airports and train stations. Rucksacks can sometimes be used as pieces of luggage, particularly as carry-on bags for airplane travel. In addition to their use in outdoor pursuits, rucksacks are sometimes used in other sports as well. A rucksack sometimes used by athletes and cyclists called hydration packs. These packs carry water (usually in either a bladder or a rigid bottle) and have a tube connected to them from which the wearer can drink without removing the pack; this feature is also included in some more general-purpose hiking rucksacks. Whatever your reason for choosing a rucksack, Perfect Promotional Products will find the Perfect Rucksack or Backpack for you.
Personalised Rucksacks
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