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We have 9 Personalised Mouse Mats to view in this section.

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Personalised Mouse Mats
Mouse mats: "I use an optical mouse and so I don't need one". Is this correct? Well technically yes, as modern optical mice can function to an acceptable degree of accuracy on plain paper and other surfaces. However, some optical mouse users may prefer a mouse mat for comfort, accuracy, speed and to prevent wear to a desk or table surface. Optical mice do have problems not working well on reflective or transparent surfaces such as highly polished wood and glass. Desks and tables often include surfaces like these and as the mouse moves over these reflective spots can cause jitter and loss of tracking. The use of mouse mats with precision surfaces eliminates spot jitter effects of optical mice. A variety of mouse mats exist with many different textured surfaces to fit various different types of mouse technologies. Originally mouse mats were available in a simple rectangular shape but over the years they have become available in many shapes and designs. Ergonomic designs are now available with built-in wrist rests made from beaded materials, foam or silicone gel. Personalise mouse mats are still very popular as a promotional gift. They have an extensive area for branding, but can also be used to give the user much more information like shop opening times, contact information, a calender or maybe even somewhere to put a family photo. All these options are available and many of them at surprisingly low costs. Most people who receive a personalised mouse mat will actually use it, therefore a well placed advert on a desk visible 24 hours a day. Need help in choosing which personalised mouse mat is right for your campaign. Call now and let Perfect Promotional Products help you to find the Perfect Mouse Mats.
Personalised Mouse Mats
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